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NEW Color Shift Pigment Powder Individual Colors

NEW Color Shift Pigment Powder Individual Colors

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Each jar contains .5g of beautiful Chameleon Color Shift Pigment Powders. These are very small containers meant for coloring on your silicone molds.



“C06 Uptown Girl"- Such a beautiful Color Shift from Magenta to Gold ... and so many colors in between!

“C03 Addicted to Love” - Is it green? Is it gold? Is it pink? Is it red??? Yup!

”C09 Hysteria” - might make you a bit hysteric how it changes from green to blue to purple right before your eyes!

”C10 Epic” - Ok.... An amazing shift from gold to deep red depending on the lights and angles that it's viewed from!

"C18 Under Pressure" - Wow.... From blue green to beautiful purple…. The pictures don’t do it justice! ... how the heck does this even work???

trust me…. These pigments ROCK! 

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