About Azzie

I am a High School Art Instructor of 25 years, a professional artist, and have proudly raised my 18 year old son solo while celebrating and creating art daily.  My time is divided between full time art instruction at an alternative education high school, raising my only son to be the best man he can be, rescuing as many animals as I can (dogs especially) and making art for my own enjoyment as well as for yours!

If you catch me on a TikTok Live you might get to see or hear some of my "zoo" that includes my rescued animals.  Mr. Stan Lee is usually on my lap while I work, snoring loudly whether hes awake or asleep.  Stan is my pug and just joined my family in 2021.  We are guessing that he is approximately 2-3 years old now.

Ms. Alpha McFlufferson is my 144lb mix breed who has now had 4 knee surgeries, is a total drama queen who thinks she's tiny. She is currently 3 years old.

And we have our little Black Bear... aka "Jerkface McGee".  She is a 9 year old mixed breed with anxiety issues.

And, the wildest of the zoo.... that 18yr old.... who will be so upset when he sees that this picture made it to my website.

 And yes.... I am "that kind of teacher".  I love what I do.