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So Many New Releases! Pigments, Silicone Molds, Coasters, Tokens.... etc....

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Love Your Homeys? Love Your Gnomies?..... Check out our Gnomie Homey Silicone Molds!

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A Bit Snarky......... a Whole Lot Cute........ Check out our Snarky Token Silicone Molds

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My Friends Just Want to Hobnob With You! Check out our Hobnobber Friends Silicone Molds!

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So Many Ridiculously Saturated Specialty Pigment Powders!

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What does "Azzie’s Art" mean???

It means you are looking at artwork created by me, a working professional artist and art instructor with a Studio Art degree from University of California, Davis, with a strong attention to detail and pride in my artwork. Any items with "Azzie" in the name are original items, drawn, designed or painted, by me. Enjoy, and thank you for stopping by! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. :-)

Featured collection: Speciality Pigment Powders

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    “Life is better with art…and dogs of course!”


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