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NEW Color Shift Holographic Pigment Powder Individual Colors

NEW Color Shift Holographic Pigment Powder Individual Colors

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Each jar contains .5g of beautiful Chameleon Color Shift Holographic Pigment Powders. These are very small containers meant for coloring on your silicone molds.  I can promise you that these photos do not do the pigments justice.  Colors will shift depending on light source, brightness and angle of view, with the highlights being a beautiful rainbow holographic.



“CSH 01 Is This Love?"- Such a beautiful Color Shift from Lavender to Blue Green plus holographic!

“CSH 02 Moves Like Jagger” - Purple to Gold plus a holographic highlight!

”CSH 03 Free Fallin” - Green to Blue right before your eyes and then wait.... holographic also!

”CSH 04 Rebel Yell”  - Ok.... An amazing shift from Gold to Red depending on the lights and angles that it's viewed from... and holographic too!

"CSH 05 Baracuda" - Wow.... From blue to beautiful purple…. The pictures don’t do it justice! ... how the heck does this even work??? Oh yeah... also holographic!

”CSH 06 Unskinny Bop”  This one is my favorite of the series... incredible pigment that changes from Pink to Green while also holgraphic!

”CSH 07 Eye of the Tiger”  This is an intense Orange to Green color shift and then throw in the holographic and omg!!!!

”CSH 08 Love Bites” A deep dark beauty... Dark Blue to Maroon and holographic too!

”CSH 09 Bad Medicine” Pink to Purple to Blue and holo too!

”CSH 10 High Enough”  You just might question your sobriety as it magically shifts from Green to Purple while also holographic!

trust me…. These pigments ROCK! 

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